Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Help Us Save New Moon!

A message from HGHW co-founder, Lyn Mikel Brown:

When my daughter was 8, I bought her a subscription to New Moon Magazine. As a feminist mom I loved that she would never see a diet ad or receive instruction about how to steal that cute guy in the pages of this magazine. New Moon promised and delivered something "for every girl who wants her voice heard and her dreams taken seriously." They supported my personal mission "to build healthy resistance to gender inequalities." With departments like Girls on The Go, Herstory, and Girls Act Out, my daughter connected with girls across the country and the world who understood they had something to say worth listening to. While other magazines went for outer beauty, New Moon defined beauty as "good hearts, great works, and activism."

I can't imagine a world for girls without New Moon Magazine. But without our support, New Moon will no longer rise.

Hardy Girls Healthy Women has joined New Moon Girl Media as an Affiliate Partner. For every subscription bought via this link* $10 will come back to support Hardy Girls' local programming. In perfect synch with our Hardy Girls message to girls, we all win when we work in coalition with one another!

*Please note that the link brings you directly to our affiliation page, as indicated at the end of the URL "HDGRLH." Though the Hardy Girls name and logo are not represented on the webpage itself (we are working to fix this) please trust that by following the above link with its special URL ending, you will be ordering a subscription through our affiliation.

Today I called our local elementary school, to find that the 4th and 5th grade library did not subscribe to New Moon. To keep the dream alive, I'm buying a year's subscription for the Albert S. Hall School in Waterville, Maine. Please join me: Buy a membership to New Moon for an 8-14 year old girl in your life. If she's all grown up like my daughter, buy a subscription for a local school, library, doctor's office, or homeless shelter. Then join "Save New Moon" where you can help just by spreading the word.

We have until December 12, 2009. Let's all pitch in and save New Moon for the next generation of smart, strong, hardy girls!

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