Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SPARK! Summit Needs Girls' Votes!

We’re sparking a revolution and it needs a name! Well, we have a name (SPARK!) but need your input on what S-P-A-R-K stands for.

Hardy Girls, TrueChild, Women’s Media Center, ASAP, and the Ms. Foundation for Women are planning a summit to ignite a movement in protest of the sexualization of girls in media and in support of better images and messages about girls’ sexuality. So much of the media suggests that our sexuality is the most important aspect of who we are – that girls’ and women’s value comes from just how sexy we are – say nothing about our interests, talents, or rockstar personalities (see Gen Z Does Single Ladies and Stupid Is As Stupid Does).

You helped us brainstorm some great acronyms for what SPARK! could stand for. We’ve taken the top 4 options and now need your input. What do you like best? Take a look at the poll and let us know what you think. Voting closes on Friday at 5:00 pm so vote now and tell your friends!


Karen said...

ummmm, missed the brainstorm.
suggest option E:

Spontaneously Promote All Real Kids

( if resistance ----> persistance,
if we get what we shout out ...

then we want to focus on desired replacements for pimping and rebelling. )

Karen said...

or this is better:

Smart Process Activates Real Kids,

paste this into the last from me.

Shaping Youth said...

How about:
SPARK=Start Portraying All Real Kids

or direct sexualization reference:

SPARK= Stop Pornification: Ads Ravish Kids.

Post forthcoming, will let it percolate in my brain; curious what the teens prefer...