Tuesday, October 12, 2010


“I am a CANVAS. Every day society projects certain standards, messages, and images UPON ME. Society tells me how I should look, act, and feel. So when you ask me who I am, I don’t always know what to tell you. But I am learning to step away from these projections, and use them to make a statement of MY OWN.”

Developed by Colby College student Aleah Starr, Projection invites us to speak up, to say what we feel and think, and to have our words projected onto others, who then stand with us and for us.

PBG (that’s Powered By Girl) and Projection offers girls and their allies a way to talk back to sexism, stereotypes, and sexualization in our media.

So if you could talk back to this media, what would you say?

If you’re between the ages of 14-22 and you’ve got something to say to the media, here’s your chance! 
Step 1: “Like” our PBG Facebook page
Step 2: On our wall, write “Projection” and post your 6-10 words (has to fit on a t-shirt!) rants, statements, poetry, music lyrics, or illustrations.  Say what you like, don’t like, want, feel, think
Step 3: Invite your friends to join the movement!
Your voice will travel to NYC, where it will be projected onto girl “canvasses” by Aleah herself at the SPARK Summit on Oct. 22nd
SPARK: Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance, Knowledge
If you’re a teen girl between the ages of 14-22, we want you to attend the SPARK Summit too. While you’re there, drop by the Projection Action Station and become a living canvass for someone else’s story!

FYI:  All submissions to PBG/Projection are anonymous.  We will not use your name unless you ask us to, and then it’s first names and cities only. If you use a quote, poem or lyric, please submit the full name of the author.
Be sure to check PBG and SPARK after October 22nd to catch our photo album
and find out who stood up to be photographed with your story!

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